Baby Boom 2050

Baby Boom 2050

A recent article in the Engineering and Technology Magazine (May-June 2024) provides an overview of global population growth. Between 2000 and 2050, North America's population is projected to increase from 486 million to 679 million, South America's from 349 million to 491 million, Europe's from 550.22 million to 704.40 million, and Oceania's from 31.22 million to 57.83 million. The most significant increases are expected in Africa, from 818.95 million to 2.4 billion, and Asia, from 3.74 billion to 5.29 billion.

Interestingly, the global population growth rate has slowed to below 1%, the lowest since 1950. There are two primary concerns: first, the fertility rate has fallen below 2.1 births per woman, the level needed to sustain the population without growth. Second, the majority of projected growth will occur in regions with inadequate medical facilities to support this increase.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that the European population is expected to decline during this period. These trends highlight the need for platforms like Sistapedia® to provide women with equitable and timely access to essential information, ensuring everyone has the information they need when they need it.

On a positive note, the same magazine reports that the impact of AI on health professionals and healthcare will be minimal, ensuring that people continue to receive the personal and human touch that is so vital.


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