Beneficial Exercises During Pregnancy

date Fri, 12 Nov 2021

It is not a hidden truth that the benefits of exercise are countless. You can find lots of people going to gym centres and lawns to exercise. Regular exercise helps in boosting our physical and mental health. Interestingly, the same is true even during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy is not only good for the mental and physical health of a woman, but it also reduces the complexities during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, according to different studies, the percentage of pregnant women exercising daily is very less.

Gynaecologists recommend moderate intense aerobics minimum for 150 minutes during a week beneficial before and after pregnancy. The interval of the exercise should not be lengthy. Depending upon her convenience, a pregnant can determine her exercise schedule into 30 minutes for five days during a week or ten times during a week for fifteen minutes. A pregnant woman who performs strict physical activities like running or any other painful exercise before pregnancy can continue with her daily routine. However, before that, she should consult her doctor.

Some of the best exercises during and after pregnancy are:

Swimming: Swimming, whether aqua aerobics or walking in the water, is one of the best physical activities without pressure on the joints. Swimming offers relaxation from the problem of getting overweight during pregnancy. While swimming during pregnancy, make sure you go for a stroke that is comfortable to perform. It doesn’t put any strain or pain on your neck, back muscles, or shoulders. Breakstroke swimming is the best swimming option during pregnancy.  While going swimming during pregnancy, follow these safety measures:

Use the side railing to maintain balance to stop you from slipping directly into the pool.

Don’t jump o dive directly into the water. It may hit your abdomen.

Do not swim in warm pools, or bathe in hot tubs, or sit in steam rooms. It can increase the risk of overheating.

Yoga: Yoga classes during pregnancy will relax your joints and other body organs smooth and flexible. Regular yoga also helps in relaxing from stress and pain. Regular yoga helps in strengthening your muscles, helps in controlling the blood pressure, relaxing your body, teaches pregnant women to stay calm and stress-free during labour pain, increases flexibility. While doing yoga during pregnancy try to avoid performing the poses that need you to lie on the stomach or require to lie flat on the back. As these can put pressure on veins and arteries.

Stationary Cycling: Stationary cycling also known as spinning is one of the safest exercises for a pregnant woman. Stationary cycling offers an abundance of profits. It helps in improving heart rate and reduces pressure on joints and pelvis. It helps in controlling body weight. Moving ahead, as it is stationary, the chances of falling during the cycling are low. As the months of pregnancy pass, you can start using the cycle with a high handlebar for comfortable cycling.

Brisk Walking: If due to any reason, a woman cannot perform any exercise during pregnancy, then brisk walking is the best option. Brisk walking offers lots of health benefits like improving heart rate with very less impact on knees and ankles, a woman doesn’t need to pay charges for this, it can be done anytime during the day and can be joined by your dear ones. The only thing a pregnant woman needs to keep in concern while walking is to walk on a smooth surface, avoid potholes, and wear comfortable footwear.

Squats: Squat is one of the highly recommended exercises during pregnancy. Squats prepare the body of a pregnant woman ready for labour pain and comfortable delivery. Regular squatting helps in opening the pelvis smoothly at the time of pregnancy.

These are a few exercises that are good to perform during and after pregnancy.

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