Common Questions about Surrogacy

We have heard the term “Surrogacy” in our life. We have watched movies too on this crucial topic. Some of us have to understand it and choose it as an option to become parents. On the other hand, some don’t find it the right way of pregnancy. This article will help you to understand Surrogacy and common questions that will change your perspective towards it.

What is Surrogacy?

Before moving to the questions, you need to understand surrogacy first. Surrogacy is an assisted reproduction method where intended parents work with gestational surrogates to care for and carry their babies until birth. Under this procedure, someone will carry the baby in the womb and be known as the biological mother. This method helps the parents to have children and become parents without carrying the baby in their womb. This process is adopted when a mother or father has some severe medical issues with fertility.

Surrogacy is widely used and considered as a way to grow a family. The couples and individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations build their families. The parents who use surrogacy are:

  • Couples who have problems with their infertility
  • Mothers with some medical complications
  • Parents with genetic defects
  • Gay and trans-intended parents

Process of the Surrogacy 

Every journey of surrogacy is unique. The process of surrogacy is complex as it includes a complete legislative procedure. A general overview of the procedure is defined as follow:

  • Choose the surrogate (friends, family) or consult with an agency
  • Surrogate and parents meeting and matching
  • Medical screening of the surrogate
  • Completing the legal procedure abide by the law
  • Pregnancy confirmation
  • Building relationship between intended parents and surrogate
  • Delivery of the baby

This procedure of Surrogacy is widely used. It makes the procedure legally abide by and fulfil all requirements to avoid conflict and problems in future.

Common questions about Surrogacy 

Before going for surrogacy, multiple questions appear in the mind. Adapting the procedure is not a single line path but a journey that requires complete knowledge and understanding about it. Following are some questions that asked by every parent when they choose it as an option for pregnancy:

What is the difference between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy? 

Gestational and traditional surrogacy are two different aspects. Gestational surrogacy procedure transfers the embryo into the uterus of other women. Her eggs are not used nor the DNA. On the left, the traditional one works through artificial insemination, where a mother has a genetic connection with children or carry the baby for the intended parents.

Does any medical examination is necessary before surrogacy? 

Yes, the medical examination is a must in surrogacy. It enables intended parents to understand the medical condition of the mother to avoid complications.

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • HTLV-1
  • Rh factor and blood type

These are some tests performed before surrogacy. It helps in analysing the medical fitness of the mother, so in either case, the baby remain safe.

What is the screening procedure of surrogates?

Intended parents mostly ask about the screening procedure of surrogates. Parents hardly know about the process and commonly ask about it.

  • The medical, social and drug history is mandatory. A complete medical examination from a physician is necessary to take from the surrogate.
  • Submit the birth records so that intended parents would know about the previous pregnancies. If yes, then they get to know about complications.
  • A background check is essential to run by the intended parents. It helps to know the criminal record and ensure prospective surrogates have had no convictions previously.


Surrogacy is a new thing for many parents. Modern parents are using advanced technology to get the child. Many questions appear in parents’ minds before going for surrogacy. Some of them are listed with answers. It helps the parents to understand surrogacy closely and choose it whenever needed.  

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