The First Year After Birth - Parenting Tips For the Postpartum Period

date Thu, 04 Jul 2024

Everyone speaks about pregnancy, new babies and birth. But not as much attention is paid to postpartum period – sometimes known as the fourth trimester”. With expert insights and humorous asides from mothers of young babies in its pages, this survival guide promises to assist new parents through all of the challenges associated with their first year with their new bundle of joy.

Baby Blues

Once you’ve spent 40 weeks gestating a human and then experiencing labor and delivery, it can be an emotional roller coaster to bring home your newborn. Many women experience “baby blues”, an abrupt emotional downturn characterized by crying, anxiety and moodiness that typically passes within two weeks after birth due to sudden drops in hormone levels due to pregnancy (estrogen and progesterone steadily rise during gestation; upon cessation production, their levels quickly fall) which in combination with new round-the-clock parenting responsibilities like feedings and diaper changes can make parenthood challenging!

At this critical juncture in your journey as a new mom, it is vital to seek support and take care of yourself. Ask for assistance where possible and prioritize sleep; the more rested you are, the less irritable and anxious you’ll become. Lean on friends and family for emotional support as well as finding an online community of fellow new mothers for support.

If your symptoms don’t improve within two weeks, it would be wise to visit your GP for evaluation and referral to a mental health professional for additional assessment and treatment.

Everyone discusses pregnancy and newborns, yet few resources exist to support new mothers as they transition into motherhood. Psychologists Gabrielle Mauren, PhD and Michelle Wiersgalla, MD observed this gap through their “Centering Pregnancy” sessions with local parents; in response they wrote Myself Again: The PARENTS Postpartum Survival Guide from Praeclarus Press as a compact resource with science-backed strategies for self-care and emotion regulation so you can feel like yourself again after giving birth.

Getting Started

While pregnancy and childbirth often receive ample coverage in terms of resources available to expectant and new parents alike, the postpartum period often remains neglected in terms of resources available to new mothers. Gabrielle Mauren and Michelle Wiersgalla realized this gap through their Centering Pregnancy sessions with new parents, leading them to write this book which provides advice for all aspects of motherhood that may arise during this time period.

This guide addresses everything from sleepless nights and diaper disasters, relationship concerns and parenting tips – to humorous survival guides for anyone entering their “fourth trimester.” An indispensable resource for new parents and caregivers alike; makes for an excellent baby shower gift!

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