Surrogacy or Adoption: Which One Is Better For You?

The modern lifestyle affects us as it impacts our mental and physical health. Sexual compatibility is also compromised. Thus, parents are looking for some new ways to become parents. Surrogacy and adoption are two ideal ways to form a wonderful family. The couples struggling with fertility can choose these options to get a family. We all want to surround ourselves with our loved ones and look for them whenever facing trouble or difficulty. These things will put you on the path of parenthood.

Before choosing either of the methods, you should consider these differences and personal circumstances to become a parent. Here are notable differences between Surrogacy and Adoption.

The cost of adoption and surrogacy is different. 

The family building process is not easy as you have to bear some expenses. Adoption of a child involves a fee for the agency & legal process. On the other hand, surrogacy involves legal, fertility treatment & surrogacy compensation costs. It is more expensive than adoption.

The genetic difference between you and your child

If you choose surrogacy, parents can be biologically related to the children. The eggs or sperm of parents can be used to create an embryo which is further transferred to the surrogate uterus. Many families choose surrogacy to get a genetic child. Adoption is all about unplanned pregnancy where the biological relationship is not possible. The parents do not have any genetic relationship with the child. Sometimes, a legal process is crucial because original parents can claim custody anytime.

Process is different 

Adoption is all about adopting a child if you don’t get pregnant. Prospective parents can change their minds anytime during the process and create a sense of uncertainty. In surrogacy, a legal contract forms an outline of expectation and relationship with the baby. A legal contract is signed ahead of the medical surrogacy process. The mother is responsible to keep the baby healthy during the pregnancy process.

A variation in the medical and legal process

Surrogacy involves a complex legal and medical process. A planned pregnancy is only done after some medical procedure and legal contract. Under the contract, both parents know their roles and responsibilities, and no further surprise for you because everything is done before the birth of a baby.

The legal and medical process is not required in the adoption and takes place after the birth of the baby. The birth parents’ consent is important in adaptation.

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