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Understanding the Difference between IVF and Surrogacy

Being parents of a healthy child is a moment of immense pleasure for every couple. Unfortunately due to different reasons lots of couples cannot enjoy this happiness. Interestingly, today with vast technological developments, there are ways like IVF and surrogacy by which such couples can have their children. Taking the advantage of these methods, nowadays lots of couples are enjoying their benefits.

However, at the same time, many couples get confused in understanding the concept of both these treatments. Keeping the problem of such couples in concern, this content attempts to make a difference between IVF and Surrogacy.

Understanding the Concept of IVF

In simple words, IVF refers to In Vitro Fertilization. It means the process of egg fertilization happens in a glass tube. It is a long process and takes enough time to complete the whole procedure. In some couples, it is successful during the first attempt, whereas in some cases it takes two attempts to accomplish the whole process.

The first in this process begins with hormone therapy that is applied to the body of a woman. This helps in the smooth growth of eggs in the ovary. During the whole process, she is kept under observation so that she can produce mature eggs. Once the eggs are produced, they are removed and mixed with the sperm of her husband in the laboratory. In the laboratory, they are kept in a special container. In between, the inner portion of the woman’s womb is made capable to handle the pregnancy properly through hormone replacement therapy.

After a few weeks, the fertilized eggs or embryos are moved in the fallopian tube of a woman through the ‘embryo transfer process’. It is an important process of the whole course as if it is done properly, and the embryos get attached to the fallopian tube, the woman gets pregnant. It is a complicated and emotional process for couples.

Understanding the Concept of Surrogacy

The process of surrogacy is different from IVF. Here the couples who are not able to have their children naturally hire the womb for another woman and carry their child. The process is conducted through medication. The eggs are taken from the real mother and implanted in the womb of the surrogate mother along with the sperm of the father. In case, if the father is infertile, then the sperm is taken from a sperm donor to complete the process of surrogacy.

After this process, the surrogate mother gets pregnant and delivers the child to the parent’s delivery. Genetically parents are the real parents of the child. The surrogate mother only carries him in her womb for nine months and gives him to his parents. The process of surrogacy is performed on women, who have got their uterus removed due to any reason. It is also good for women with a defective uterus. It is also good for women who have undergone various miscarriages.

Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

The basic difference between IVF and surrogacy is the fertilization of an egg. In IVF an egg is fertilized in the laboratory, whereas in surrogacy the eggs are implanted in the body of the surrogate mother for nine months. Both methods are boon for couples who cannot have their children due to fertility issues.

Conclusion: The main objective of both these methods is to bring a smile to the faces of married couples. Depending upon the recommendations of the doctor, the couples can enjoy their benefits and the happiness of being the parents of a healthy child.